Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hungry Teenagers

The bootcamp I attend has a summer camp for kids. Its 3 1-week sessions. The teenaged counselors are paid peanuts to come help with the camp, which provides lots of scholarships for the campers. They make no money, and even lose money every year, but they do it for the kids.

The director is one of my trainers and he asked for volunteers to cook for the kids each Monday and Tuesday. They are staying at the home of the head bootcamp trainer and her mother, and have presumably been eating cold cuts or PB&J for the rest of the week, as I know the head trainer does not cook.

I volunteered for 2 Mondays and a Sunday. Last Monday, I made Baked Ziti, inspired by a recipe by Knottie Rosie109, green salad, and these lovely Lemon Cupcakes decorated with lemon Jelly Bellies.

This week, I decided to make French Dip Sandwiches, Sweet Potato French Fries, chocolate Cake Mix Cookies with white chocolate chips, and Lemon Meltaways.

I have an issue with actually cooking the 2 rump roasts, as I have a small crock pot and can only cook one roast at a time. I guess I'll cook one this afternoon and one overnight and just combine and heat them before I bring them to the kids. I'm also afraid that they will have non-toasted bread and non-melted cheese, but I'm sure they will still be grateful.

Now off to cut up 14 lbs of sweet potatoes. Wish me luck!!

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